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Mar 16, 2012
Honors and Awards
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2011 | 2010


  •    CMI and the CHIMEI brand have successfully launched world's first carbon-neutral 3D LCD TV officially verified by British Standards Institute (BSI). see related news
  •    For its 2010 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, CMI has been honored with "2011 Taiwan CSR Awards" by Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy.
  •    CMI has been honored with "The Silver Award of the 24th National QCC Competition" by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan.
  •    CMI has been honored with " National Industrial Safety and Health Award " by Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan in Taiwan.
  •    CMI STSP Branch has been honored with "Jin-Jhan Award" award by Council Of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan in Taiwan.
  • 9.9.2011       CMI has won Taiwan's Environmental Protection Administration's 2010 Enterprise Green Procurement Performance Award. 
  • 6.30.2011     CMI has been honored with "Contribution to Job Creation" award in Taiwan.
  • 6.14.2011     CMI has won the Outstanding Photonics Product Award for its 21.5-inch PCT (Projected Capacitive Touch) display module at the 2011 event hosted by the Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association (PIDA), Taiwan. see related news
  • 5.27.2011     CMI Kobe site, also known as TPO Displays Japan, has been awarded the Good Safety & Hygiene Company by the Safety Management Committee of Kobe, Japan. see related news
  • 4.15.2011     CMI has been honored with 2011 Taiwan Excellence Gold Awards, organized by Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA, for its ultra-thin 13.3-inch HD notebook display module. In addition, CMI's 17.3-inch FHD 3D high-performance notebook LCD panel, 27-inch 3D energy-efficient LCD monitor panel, 30-inch medical LCD panel and 46-inch 240Hz 3D LCD TV panel have also passed stringent tests to be awarded the mark of Taiwan Excellence. see related news
  • 3.15.2011      CMI's Memory-In-Display (Midis) technology, also called Memory-In-Pixel (MIP) technology, obtained the Best Paper Award of 17th IDW (International Display Workshops). see related news
  • 1.8.2011        CMI obtained a third-party independent verification of its product supply-chain “water footprint” with regard to its 19-inch desktop LCD monitor and 42-inch LCD (LED backlit) TV, making CMI the first manufacturer in the world to announce water footprint verification for desktop monitor and LCD TV. see related news


  • 10.4.2010       CMI passed DNV third-party independent verification for its 18.5-inch LCD flat panel monitor (M185B1-L02), making CMI the first panel maker today to receive a supply chain “water footprint”verification statement. see related news
  • 6.9.2010      42-inch 120Hz with MEMC is awarded the best integrated LCD panel at Taiwan Gold Panel Awards 2010 with the 13th Annual Outstanding Optoelectronics Product Awards. see related news
  • 6.9.2010      5.5mm ultra-light local dimming LCD module is awarded at Taiwan Gold Panel Awards 2010 with the Best Technology Awards. see related news
  • 6.9.2010      CEO Dr. H. C. Tuan is honored at Taiwan Gold Panel Awards 2010 with the Outstanding Industry Contribution award. see related news
  • 6.7.2010      18.5-inch LCD panel is awarded 2009 FPD green quality certification. see related news
  • 5.18.2010     Winner of Taiwan's Environmental Protection Administration's 2009 Enterprise Green Procurement Performance Award, Chimei Innolux is the only company in the flat panel industry to receive such a recognition. 
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