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Sep 12, 2011
Community Engagement

CMI believes that sustainable growth comes not only from corporate profits, but from doing ones best to help customers, shareholders, employees, society, and the environment. CMI has always tried to be an excellent corporate citizen, and has actively participated in environmental, charity, community, cultural, and educational projects and activities, as well as supporting the Innolux Education Foundation and Tree Valley Culture Foundation in order to be a good corporate citizen and make good on its promise to society.

Innolux Education Foundation was established in late 2008 by CMI CEO Hsing-Chien Tuan in order to give back to society. With a focus is on “Environmental Education” and “Cultural Outreach”, the Foundation has created explicit plans and fiscal management policies and actively participates in social, environmental, and cultural activities.

Tree Valley Culture Foundation was established in early 2008 as part of Chi Mei Group's pledge to make Tree Valley open to the public and to promote environmental sustainability. The Foundation exists to promote environmental protection, sustainable industry, to protect cultural assets. Creating a sustainable operational model will help protect the environment for future generations, and creating a sustainable ecological park will promote sustainable social and environmental development. By raising awareness of the reciprocal relationship between man and nature, the Foundation can develop a sense of oneness with nature and recognize its true value.

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