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Sep 12, 2011
Environmetal Protection

With “To Earth, With L.O.V.E.” as the core theme of its comprehensive green vision. Caring for the environment through sustainable practices is at the heart of CMI's “To Earth, with L.O.V.E.” philosophy. Green is now the code word in all that CMI does, whether it is green living, operations, value chain, or the pursuit of harmony between the environment and humanity (or L.O.V.E. for short). The key feature of this vision is its holistic view. With an initial focus on providing its employees and partners with high quality, green living opportunities, Chimei Innolux has also set its sights on implementing green production technology and practices. Leveraging its good fortune and influence as a global corporate citizen, CMI endeavors to care for the Earth by pursuing sustainable development.

Environmental Protection Activities

Sponsoring ecological restoration in Chung Hsing University's Huisun Forest (2009)

To promote forest restoration and water catchment protection, in 2009 CMI began providing financial support to Chung Hsing University’s Huisun Forest, located in the mountains of Renai Township, Nantou County, Taiwan. The funding supports ecological restoration projects in areas affected by landslides. In the future, these projects will be promoted in other areas in Taiwan towards the goal of a “disaster-free homeland”. The project involves the planting of 3,500 Sapindaceae (Soapberry) and other native trees, as well as coffee bush seedlings on 2.5 hectares of landslide-damaged coffee plantation. Furthermore, it will promote soil and water conservation while raising the aesthetic, environmental and economic value of the area and creating a hybrid business model for agriculture and forestry through sustainable forest management. In addition, working with the Innolux Education Foundation, CMI is co-sponsoring a second-stage project to monitor debris flow and disaster education park facilities. Through cooperation with the Chung Hsing University Soil and Water Conservation Experimental Forest, this project not only develops preventative strategies for soil erosion, but also establishes a landslide monitoring station to provide warning of impending landslides and also collect long-term debris flow data. The entire development process will be documented and filmed to be used as educational materials, in conjunction with course books, for future soil and water conservation education, helping people learn to live in harmony with nature. In the future, the Huisun Forest landslide area will be used as the site for the establishment of an outdoor landslide education park. These outdoor education facilities and data collected from long term monitoring will provide a comprehensive landslide and environmental education resource.

Supporting Innolux Education Foundation's Earth in Our Hands: Caring for Huisun” reforestation activity (2009)

Huisun Forest 2009 Since 2009, CMI has joined in National Chung Hsing University's ecological restoration projects in landslide-damaged Huisun Forest in Nantou County, and supported Innolux Educational Foundation's documentary film for forest restoration . Future plans will promote the experience of this restoration in other regions, pursuing a vision of a “disaster-free homeland”. On April 24, 2010, the Innolux Education Foundation celebrated Earth Day by combining CMI's reforestation and water conservation efforts to stage the “Earth in Our Hands: Protecting Huisun” tree planting activity in the Huisun Forest’s landslide zone. CMI staff and their families, along with university presidents and officials from the Ministry of Education, came together to reforest the area, and promote landslide prevention.

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Liyutan Reservoir forestation area conservation education activity (2009)

Global warming is contributing to abnormal climate phenomena. Research indicates that a one-degree annual increase in temperature results in a 6% increase in rainfall. Due to Taiwan's geographic location and topography, rainfall has increased to five times average levels, resulting in water resource conservation becoming an important issue for the future. In view of the importance of water resources to citizens and industry, from 2009 CMI has sponsored forest preservation and reforesting efforts at Liyutan Reservoir in Miaoli, adopting an area over 15 hectares, and directly creating reforestation jobs for the local aboriginal population. In 2010, CMI joined the Innolux Education Foundation in co-sponsoring the production of a documentary film on the area’s ecology. The completed film will be suitable for use in elementary schools and will be provided to schools to raise ecological awareness.

Protecting the source: Upstream conservation at the Yongheshan Reservoir (2009)

The source of the Yongheshan Reservoir provides the people of the northern Miaoli area and the industries of the Jhunan region with water. In 2009, CMI adopted the Yongheshan Reservoir catchment area to explore possible conservation measures. In terms of water resource protection activities, CMI plans to expand the project to the surrounding environment and water catchment area of the reservoir starting in 2010. In terms of the physical environment, CMI strengthened maintenance work using the existing infrastructure for several important rivers, annually providing local teams with basic equipment for patrolling fisheries, and providing environmental volunteers with adequate resources to ensure the long-term sustainability of local fish populations. The company focuses on improving environmental education and providing training for ecological tours under the auspices of the office of Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area and Nanjuang Public Works Department. In the long run, this project will improve training in ecological education and protection, and raise local residents’ awareness of ecology and habitat restoration and conservation. Besides, this project including effective ecological explanation will bring a deeper significant to Nanjuang-area tourism, disseminate environmental education concepts, and raise tourist awareness of environmental protection and further preserving the area’s natural beauty and resources.

Innolux Education Foundation produces the “NPO Youth Republic” ecological education program (2009)

Created to promote civic education, the Innolux Education Foundation first teamed up with the IC Broadcasting Company to produce an ecological education program called “NPO Youth Republic”, working with a network of domestic non-profit ecological conservation organizations and their volunteers throughout Taiwan. The host brought young volunteers to ecological preserves and research stations, sharing their experiences through the program and also providing insight on how to get involved in future service work. The Foundation hopes that the program will help strengthen the ecological concerns of Taiwan youth, improve community development, and raise awareness, leading young people to find their own place in the ecological movement.

Innolux Education Foundation's: Reflections on Global Warming" environmental program (2009)

To express its support and concern for environmental protection, energy conservation and corporate social responsibility, at the end of 2009 the Innolux Education Foundation sponsored the Discovery Channel’s “Reflections on Global Warming” program. The program investigated global warming issues, alternative energy and the concepts and actions that global citizens should have. In November of 2009, the Foundation actively sponsored Commonwealth Magazine’s January 2010 “The World is Hot, Flat and Crowded” lecture series by Thomas L. Friedman, bringing together more than 3,000 participants from business and youth groups. The series not only raised Taiwan’s international visibility and strengthened corporate consensus on Taiwan’s green energy future, but also raised environmental concerns and awareness among the younger generation.

Establishing organic culture at the Innolux Happy Farm (2009)

In addition to providing our staff with organic vegetables daily, CMI in 2009, working with Chienfu Organic Farms, co-founded the Innolux Happy Farm. At the farm, CMI staff can adopt organic vegetable garden plots where they can be personally involved in the organic food production process, thus raising their awareness of the work that goes into organic farming, along with the benefits of organic farming to the environment and nature. Additionally, to give CMI staff a chance to visit many organic farms and understand the different types of organic farming, CMI is planning a tour of organic farms to allow staff members to interact with organic farmers and benefit from their insights and experience, giving them an understanding of the benefits of organic farming and lifestyle.

Treasuring the soil with organic vegetables (2008)

Since 2008, CMI began to develop the idea of developing a long-term relationship with organic farms, directly purchasing organic produce for use in the company’s canteen and providing employees with healthful vegetables. Starting with two hectares in 2008, the land under organic cultivation to supply CMI was expanded to 4.8 hectares in 2009, and raising monthly deliveries from 200 kg to 3000 kg, and helping organic farms achieve economies of scale. Starting in 2010, CMI began cooperating with farms and local government agencies in the Yongheshan Reservoir upper catchment area, gradually helping farmers to switch to organic methods and helping reduce agricultural pollution in the source waters of the Yongheshan reservoir.

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