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Sep 12, 2011
Public Welfare

CMI believes that the true value of a corporation can be measured by how much it gives back to society. This belief drives CMI's corporate responsibility related programs. CMI's charity projects focused on disaster relief, and aid to underprivileged people. In the future CMI will continue giving back to society and living up to its promise of corporate social responsibility.

Public Welfare Activities

Supporting the underpriviledged

(1) Sponsorship of the underpriviledged groups: in 2009, CMI sponsored charities working with the underpriviledged groups including the Credit Suisse Foundation for Children's Medicine, the Tainan Youming Association for the Visually Impaired and so on. (2) Care for the elderly: since 2008, CMI has donated traditional Dragon Boat Festival holiday treats to the Miaoli County's Nursing home for distribution to elderly residents, increasing from 400 articles in the first year, to 500 in 2010. (3) “Recycled Computers – Hope Engineering” program: In March 2009, CMI began cooperation with ASUS and the Tzu Chi organization to jointly promote the "Recycled Computers – Hope Engineering" program, working together to develop a recycling-oriented society through refurbishing thousands of scrap computers and donating them to the underpriviledged groups, thus reducing the digital divide.

CMI, Home Help Center and FamilyMart work together to create a store that helps the underpriviledged (2009)

When CMI Fab T2 planed to establish an on-site convenience store, management intended to created a mutually beneficial arrangement that not only provided excellent services, but also helped the underpriviledged. therefore, the franchise was granted to groups working with the underpriviledged . In April 2009 the first convenience store franchise, operated by a social services network group the Miaoli Home Help Center, was established. Store staff are those who have been as part of family counseling cases by the Center, and the earnings are returned to the Center. It is expected that the employees not only develop self-reliance, but also provide other underpriviledged families with further assistance.

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