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Sep 12, 2011
Scholastic Contributions

CMI believes that the true value of a corporation can be measured by how much it gives back to society. This belief drives CMI's corporate responsibility related programs. CMI partnered with educational institutions to train the next generation of optoelectronics talent, and help increase Taiwan's impact in the global display industry market. In the future CMI will continue giving back to society and living up to its promise of corporate social responsibility.

Scholastic Contributions Activities

Scholarships for Science and Engineering Students from NTU and Chiao Tung

CMI encourages science and engineering graduates from National Taiwan University and Chiao Tung University to engage in TFT-LCD R&D and consider careers in these fields. In 2009, sixteen master's degree students from NTU and Chiao Tung University participated in this program.

Chiao Tung University's Chi Mei Building (2009~)

CMI and Chi Mei Corporation jointly donated NT$440 million to National Chiao Tung University to build the Chi Mei Building, which covers a ground area of roughly 20 thousand square meters, and during the first phase will house 3 research institutes and 2 research centers. Chiao Tung University's Tainan campus is located in Shalun Village Gueiren Township near the Tainan high speed rail station. It will cover 50 hectares, and will contain Taiwan's first college of optoelectronics, which in turn will consist of an optoelectronics research institute, illumination and energy optoelectronics research institute, and imaging and biomedicine optoelectronics research institute, as well as an optoelectronics technology research center, biomedicine engineering research center. The Chi Mei Building opened at the end of August 2009, in time for the beginning of the fall semester 2009. CMI has developed close research ties with Chiao Tung University that are helping drive the development of optoelectronics research in southern Taiwan. In the future Chiao Tung will increase its patent holdings, increase its intellectual property transfer ratio, and commercialize the results of its industry partnerships. This will help academia, industry, and governmental authorities and will build STSP into the world's largest optoelectronics bases, and increase Taiwan's competitiveness.

Chimei Awards (2006~)

In 2006 CMI partnered with the Image Display Technology Talent Promotion Office to host the Chimei Award in order to promote ‘Innovative R&D and Technological Self Sufficiency’and bring together the worlds of industry and academia. The competition brings academic researchers together with industry insiders to tackle tough problems in display related technology and manufacturing. Professors are encouraged to undertake innovative research in display related technology, and the next generation of talent receives the training they need to help make Taiwan the optoelectronics capital of the world. In addition, CMI has specially created the Technology Consulting and Mentoring Desk, where senior researchers provide participating teams with invaluable assistance and insights. The third annual Chimei Award competition attracted 177 students and professors in 39 teams, and involved NT$3.2 million in award money. Winners were announced in June of 2009. The NT$ 1 million first prize was awarded to a team from the Department of Materials Engineering at National Chung Hsing University for their work on ‘The Design and Manufacturing of Advanced Backlight Materials’. Their new framework restructures the relationship between LED and LGP technology with a manufacturing process that will not diminish the efficiency and lifespan of LED, and paves the way for further advances in backlight technology. In October 2009 the Fourth Chimei Award of Outstanding Thesis was announced. The competition focused on image display technology and industry research, and was open to students graduating with master’s degrees in 2008 or 2009. A total of 111 students participated, and seven prizes were awarded, including one grand prize, one second prize, one outstanding advisor award, and 4 special judges prizes. CMI provided the judges and asked An Bang Wang from the Ministry of Education Advisory Office to select three external judges, making the competition a prestigious and popular optoelectronics event in Taiwan.

Partnerships with National Taiwan University and Cheng Kung University  (2004~)

In 2009 CMI partnered with National Taiwan University to undertake six different projects involving four departments and institutes. In December 2004, CMI also partnered with Cheng Kung University to create the Cheng Kung-Chi Mei Partnership Planning Committee, which appraises advanced R&D proposals. This came at the same time as the donation of funds to build the Chi Mei Building on the Cheng Kung University campus. In 2009, four different departments and institutes from Cheng Kung were involved in five different projects with the company. CMI's close cooperation with Cheng Kung and National Taiwan University has created excellent opportunities for exchange and has served as a model for other companies and academic institutions, providing proof that industry-academic cooperation helps produce world class talent.

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