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Oct 21, 2011
Contributions to Society

CMI believes that social contribution is an important value of an enterprise.  Therefore, it makes continuous planning and takes continuous actions to reward the society. CMI also supports the activities and events organized by Innolux Education foundation and Tree Valley Foundation in order to display the power of concerted efforts.

Innolux Education Foundation
Innolux Education Foundation was founded in the end of 2008 by CMI CEO Hsing-Chien Tuan, Ph.D., to enforce CMI's social commitments and rewards. Committed to promoting “environmental protection education” and “cultural development”, the foundation establishes well-defined work plans, supervises the proper use of resources and aggressively participates in more activities relating to society, environmental protection and culture.

Tree Valley Foundation
Tree Valley Foundation was established in early 2008 to realize the Chi Mei Group's commitments of publicizing the Tree Valley and sustainable environment. Aiming at promoting environmental protection, deepening social education, promoting sustainable operations, and maintaining cultural assets, Tree Valley Foundation hails the awareness of co-existence between nature and human civilizations, creates an environment and mechanism for sustainable operations, and preserves a better living environment for the next generation, develops a production park where sustainable ecology and living aesthetics are combined, and people and the environment grow continuously through identification with the environment and understanding the value of sustainable environment.

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