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Oct 21, 2011
Arts and Culture

CMI believes that the true value of a corporation can be measured by how much it gives back to society. This belief drives CMI's corporate responsibility related programs.  CMI's cultural initiatives include support for cultural activities and projects promoting spiritual and artistic development. In the future CMI will continue giving back to society and living up to its promise of corporate social responsibility.

Arts and Culture

Sponsored Rudiments of Music for Children in Remote Areas

Cultivation Program held by Innolux Education Foundation In September 2010, CMI began sponsoring the Rudiments of Music for Children in Remote Areas Cultivation Program organized by Innolux Education Foundation. In this program, in addition to free teaching materials, professional music teachers from Nanzhuang Township in Miaoli were paid to give formal the rudiments of music training and recorder playing lessons to the third graders of the Tianmei Elementary School. Students were also encouraged to give off-campus performances at high-standard venues in order to broaden their visions, let them understand where their interest lies, and thereby increase their ability and confidence.

Sponsored Dreamland: Art Carnival organized by Innolux Education Foundation

Social Contribution 5 During September to October in 2010, CMI sponsored the Dreamland: Art Carnival organized by Innolux Education Foundation. At the event, Miaoli citizens and CMI employees were invited to appreciate art and cultural performances and join charity services. At the carnival, Poco à Poco Heavenly Sound Orchestra (樂賞天籟管弦樂團) was invited to present famous classics and excerpts from films, including The Prince of Egypt, Schindler's List, Titanic. Also, famous domestic children’s theaters (such as Song Song Song Children’s & Puppet Theater and Just Apple Children's Theater) were invited to give three charity performances to treat students and citizens living in the remote areas in Miaoli.    

Archeological Sites & Artifact Conservation and Maintenance

Social Contribution 6 The Tainan Science Park Special Zone has the highest density of archeological sites, the most intact archeological cultural layers, and the largest excavation area. Whether it is the 100-year-old sugar refinery, the ancient government routes and flooding ponds, the inshore trading activities between the Dutch and Han people, the Siraya Culture of indigenous people 500 years ago, the prehistoric Niaosong Culture about 1,800 years ago, the Dadhu Culture about 2,500 years ago, the Niuchoutzu Culture about 3,500 years ago and Tapenkeng Culture about 4,500 years ago, they are all found inside or near the TNSP. CMI thus sponsored the Archaeological Center of Tree Valley Culture Foundation to well preserve the rich archaeological relics discovered in the park. CMI also teamed up with local cultural and history groups to promote fundamental archaeological knowledge and native culture and history by introducing local cultural heritage. Established Tree Valley Culture Foundation and an open platform to gather people who share the same interest. Established Archaeological Center to preserve the archeological sites in the Sciene Park. At the moment 73 sites were found and 13 of them located in the Tree Valley Park.    

Architecture, Craft and Culture Promotion and Conservation Project: Noah's Ark Relief at NCKU's Green Magic School

At the NCKU campus, driftwood collected after the August 8 Flood was used to make the animals in the Noah's Ark to remind people to reduce damage in nature in order to prevent severe natural disasters.

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