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Sep 13, 2011
Corporate Governance
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Originally established in 2003 and publicly listed in 2006, Innolux Display Corp., following its merger with Chi Mei Optoelectronics and TPO Displays Corp., began operating under the name Chimei Innolux Corporation (CMI) in March 2010. Currently, CMI's production bases are distributed around the world, with its main manufacturing plants in Jhunan and Tainan in Taiwan, and overseas plants in Shenzhen, Ningbo, Nanjing and Nanhai in China, and the Netherlands and Czech Republic in Europe.

Strengthened by the merger, CMI has since leveraged its core technology, talents and abundant production capacity to serve the unique needs of different customers worldwide. With its complete small and medium size panel product line, CMI offers its customers the advantages of one-stop shopping and customization, making it a perfect strategic partner for computer and consumer electronics manufacturers. Not simply a traditional panel maker, CMI also provides an integrated product supply chain. Through the innovative business approach of system know-how, solid panel manufacturing capability and vertical integration, CMI provides customers with a complete solution, demonstrating its sophisticated management of process technology and component parts in addition to its solid TFT-LCD foundation and production quality.

Consistently maintaining corporate governance, protecting shareholder interests, and establishing a strong board of directors are the cornerstones of corporate governance. CMI's management team and board of directors are made up of experienced professionals, and corporate affairs are monitored and evaluated by an internal audit office. This office assists managers and board members in ensuring that corporate operations are efficient and effective, financial reports are reliable, and regulations are observed.

CMI stakeholders can be divided into 5 major groups: shareholders and investors, customers, employees, suppliers, and society at large. Depending on the nature of the stakeholder and the attending department, CMI has established a variety of communication channels. Furthermore, the company's includes dedicated investor relations information, technology cooperation reference, an interactive platform for suppliers, contact windows for sales and product inquiries, media contacts, as well as links to related web pages—all of which are available for use by stakeholders to express their opinions or suggestions. Through these communication channels, departments within CMI can efficiently gather information on topics of concern to stakeholders and quickly formulate a response.

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