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Oct 21, 2011
Code of Conduct

CMI's Code of Conduct


Integrity is the most important core value of CMI. It consolidates CMI’s leading position in the display panel industry. CMI pursues to acquire trust and respect from its customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and the society.


CMI respects and upholds democracy and the rule of law. It abides by the related law and the standards which are agreed by the industry. Furthermore, it pursues the higher standards of operational excellence.

Respect for human rights

It is a universal value to respect for human rights. When facing up to the employees, customers, suppliers around the world, CMI based on the Global Compact implements the principle of fairness and respectation for the individual differences.

Environmentally friendly

Deterioration of the living environment is human beings’ common challenges. CMI should use its capacity to reduce the environmental impact of the production process and product to attain the sustainable development of the global environment.

Community and social involvement

CMI is not satisfied with its own growth and robustness. CMI is willing to facilitate the development of nearby communities with the way of sharing its profits and public achievement.

Be the Influential leader in supply chain

As the panel and display manufacturing leader, CMI has a decisive influence on the client or supplier side; by clustering the supply chain strength, it has a greater impact on the improvement of the social and the global environment.

Balancing and continual improvement of financial, social and environmental performance

CMI concentrates on the company operation, creating profits for shareholders and employees. It then contributes to the improvement of the society and the environment.


CMI Code of Employee Conduct

To improve the conduct, professional ethics and expertise of CMI employees; to optimize CMI business activities; and to ensure the sustainable operations of CMI, with reference to the Specimen of Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct for TWSE and GreTai Listed Companies established by the Taiwan Stock Exchange and the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC), the CMI Code of Employee Conduct is established to specify the conduct of CMI employees. This includes the avoidance of conflict of interest, non-disclosure obligations, prohibition of bribes and gifts, and other business-related rules. In Taiwan, the Code is the compulsory course for newcomers of all plant sites. In 2010, a total of 1,400 hours of courses on the CMI Code of Employee Conduct were arranged for 2,100 employees. In 2011, the corporate laws and obligations (e.g. Antitrust Act), code of ethics and code of conduct, and code of employee conduct will be arranged to deepen the professional ethics of CMI employees.


At CMI, the anticorruption policy is specified in the CMI Employee Code of Conduct to control and eliminate the risk of corruption. For example, it is specified in the code that finance, accounting and purchasing personnel shall select suppliers with honesty and impartiality and select competitive products or services in terms of quality, price and delivery time. Also, these personnel shall not ask for a kickback or other forms of benefits from suppliers. Furthermore, finance, accounting, marketing and sales personnel shall handle business affairs with customers with honesty and impartiality; marketing and sales personnel shall decline gifts, cash or other form of property from customers.

Personnel violating the CMI anticorruption policy will be punished according to the CMI Greater China Reward and Penalty Operating Procedure. The punishment includes a warning, minor offense or major offense record, depending on the severity.

When reporting to CMI, newcomers are required to sign the Service Integrity and Anticorruption Agreement to ensure that all CMI employees understand and follow the CMI anticorruption policy.

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