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Oct 21, 2011
Employee Relations

Welfare and Benefits

In addition to the mandated labor insurance, national health insurance, medical insurance and social insurance, CMI provides free group insurance for employees and discounted life insurance, accident insurance and group medical insurance for their family. Also, CMI arranges discounted accident and medical insurance for the parents of employees, so that employees can work at CMI without worries and repay the company and society with their best performance.

CMI also provides competitive and encouraging salaries, establishes the employee welfare department, develops various welfare systems, builds quality facilities and environments, organizes thoughtful activities and promotes group activities, in order to take care of the health and well-being of employees. Other benefits include festival bonuses, birthday cash presents and wedding cash gifts, funeral and burial subsidies for employees and their family, and emergency aids to provide employees with emergency financial support.。

Respect for Employees

Committed to promoting labor-management harmony, CMI complies with various labor regulatory requirements and follows the spirit of The UN Global Compact and the instructions in the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC). At CMI, discrimination in and of any form is prohibited and forced labor is forbidden. All employees work voluntarily at CMI and are free to terminate employment with reasonable notification.。

In labor human right laws/regulations identification and risk assessment, freedom of occupation, no child labor, work time, wage and benefit, humanist treatment, no discrimination and freedom of association are identified and assessed. According to the assessment results of the Taiwan Plant Site in 2010, the following two items needed corrections, and corresponding management measures have been adopted as shown below:

1. Amendment of the relevant terms in the foreign worker employment contract; and appropriate management of the certification of identity of foreign workers to meet the human rights.

 2. Improvement of system management process to adequately control the weekly working hours within 60 hours, including overtime.

The same tasks were initiated at the same time at the China Plant Site, in order to reduce the relevant human right risk of labor and thereby to examine CMI's internal management mechanism.

CMI is also devoted to protecting the well-being of female employees with policies such as occupational health protection, maternity leave, social welfare, and no termination of their employment as a result of pregnancy and maternity leave, ensuring the rights and benefits for maternity leave no less than that specified by the law, and assuring the same rights, same benefits, same pay and same or equivalent position on their reinstatement after the maternity leave.

Zero Distance Communication

Direct and open labor-management communication is always the best and most effective solution of workplace and compensation problems. For coordinating labor-management relations, promoting labor-management cooperation, and encouraging labor-management consultation, CMI spares no pain to promote various labor-management communication activities to reach more and better understanding between both parties.。

In addition to holding quarterly labor-management meetings and employee welfare committee meetings to discuss and consult various labor-management affairs and labor welfare problems with labor representatives; CMI arranges meetings with supervisors and holds enterprise monthly meetings and department monthly meetings to ensure top-down labor-management communication. In order to further promote organizational communication and opinion expression after the merger, CMI aggressively integrated internal communication platforms, such as establishing the employee communication mailbox, employee consultation hotline and mailbox, aiming to provide more channels to reflect issues relating to labor-management relations, human rights, leadership management and sexual harassment. Statistics of the Taiwan Plant Site show that in 2010, the Letters to the President mailbox received 21 signed human-rights-related complaints (11 made by male employees and 10 by female employees). All complaints have been properly addressed and settled instantaneously. To solve problems related to employee treatment, to enhance workplace friendliness, to improve management efficiency, and to increase corporate identification of employees are the efforts to ensure labor-management harmony and cohesion.

Free and Comprehensive Employee Clubs

CMI respects the rights of employees, and allows them to freely form employee clubs and participate in trade unions according to local laws. In fact, CMI encourages employees to participate in employee clubs. At present, there are 19 employee clubs organizing regular activities and representing CMI in external competitions with excellent results. CMI voluntarily subsidies these employee clubs and sponsors them to participate in competitions on behalf of CMI. CMI also rates these employee clubs every year to encourage and guide club operations.

CMI Employee Clubs in 2010
RGB Club
Tennis Club
Cycling Club
Organic LOHAS Club
Badminton Club
Diving Club
Zhen Society
Aerobic Dance Club
Floral Art Club
Table Tennis Club
Basketball Club
InnoLove Club
Bowling Club
Wilderness Club
Triathlon Club
Softball Club
Fishing Club
Dancing Club
Board Games Club


Colorful Employee Activities

In 2010, the employee welfare committee planned the CMI Sports Meet with both group and individual competitions integrating fun events to encourage a balanced development between work, sports and leisure. The “Star Singing Contest” was organized for employees who love singing and performance to display their talents. Art workshops and book fairs were arranged to provide employees with channels for promoting mental health, parent- child relationship and life education, in order to cleanse their soul, enhance their spirit and increase their wisdom.

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