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Oct 21, 2011
Health and Safety

Environment, Safety and Health Policy

The business mission of Chimei Innolux Corporation is devoting to develop core display technology, to commit to products, qualities, and services as customers required, and to become a top panel vendor in the world and fulfill its corporate social responsibility as corporation vision. Chimei Innolux Corporation firmly believes to integrate the environmental management, green product design, and risk management based on the international related standards can collaborate with employees creating a safe and healthy work environment to enable employees to enjoy working, while also allowing employees, customers, shareholders, contractors, suppliers and external stakeholders to create mutually beneficial relationships and work together to endeavor citizen responsibility and sustainable business development.

Green Vision-「To Earth with L.O.V.E」
Green Living:Taking a page from the LOHAS(lifestyles of health and sustainability) movement and its values, we are committed to creating greener living conditions for our employees and surrounding communities..
Green Operations:Covering product development and design, manufacturing and shipping, we will make continuous environmental performance improvements. 
Green Value Chain:Promoting LCD industry chain with the greatest green value. 。
Green Environment:Caring for the Earth, we will promote ecological sustainability.

Chimei Innolux Corporation promises to:
-Meet all government environmental protection, safety, and health regulations and strive to comply with international environmental protection, safety and health standards, commit to ongoing improvement of the performance of ESH management.
-Follow the international environmental protection trends, satisfy the requirements of customers, devote to promote “Green Vision”, strengthen the green product design, and fulfill energy saving, emission reduction, green belting, and recycling in order to reduce the environmental impact from manufacturing and products.
-Root the culture of corporate risk management, and develop and promote the integrated framework of risk management.
-Aim at zero accident, zero pollution, and zero occupational disease to minimize operational hazards for employees, customers, vendors and suppliers.
-Everyone shall fulfill the duty, form the culture, and implement the discipline of occupational safety.
-Promote healthy activities to improve the well being of employees and to fulfill the duty to the community at large.
-Provide education and training as well as communications channels to increase employees’ environmental protection, safety and health awareness, and encourage all employees to participate in the environmental, safety and health management.
-Strive to strengthen readiness to deal with emergencies, and maintains an effective Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that enables the corporation to minimize the impacts from any internal or external discontinuities.

Chimei Innolux Corporation leads to carry out above-mentioned Environmental, Safety and Health Policy, communicate to every staff member in and work for our organization, to let all employees deeply recognize and also in direction to the public.

Safety Culture and Risk Management

ESH Organization and Operations

To ensure the effective operations of the ESH system, CMI has established the ESH Headquarters to administer Central ESH Risk Management and Integration Department and the ESH management department in individual plant sites.

Plant Site ESH Management Department: Horizontal communication is maintained with ESH staff of individual units at biweekly meetings to promote ESH business. Reports are presented to plant site top management, relevant units and labor representatives at the Plant Site ESH Committee every quarter.

Central ESH Risk Management and Integration Department: To plan the ESH directions of CMI and integrate plant site ESH affairs; to collect information concerning the effect of ESH management and risk control of individual plant sites and report to higher management.

The said organizational framework can effectively promote the horizontal and vertical communication within individual plant sites; promote the integrated ESH system across plant sites; and enforce the vertical communication of ESH management between plant sites and the CMI headquarters.

Analysis, Prevention and Improvement of Occupational Accidents

 Zero disabling frequency rate (FR) and zero disabling severity rate (SR) are the ultimate occupational safety goals of CMI. Therefore, employees are required to handle occupational-safety-related accidents, traffic accidents and false alarms by following the procedures of report, investigation and perceivable hazard improvement. The causes of occupational accidents are analyzed and statistics on accidents are produced with IT systems to take necessary precautions. Also, the foci and methods of prevention are communicated with all plant sites by means of the horizontal communication mechanisms in order to effectively prevent the FR and SR of similar occupational accidents.

When a critical accident occurs at a CMI plant site or neighboring plant site, the relevant safety requirements of the corresponding risk management are specified and announced immediately. To ensure that employees pay continuous attention to occupational safety, education on different occupational accident issues is arranged every month to strengthen the concepts and awareness of occupational accident prevention in employees.

Achievements of occupational safety promotion in CMI plant sites during 2010:

Plant Site
Disabling FR
Disabling SR

Disabling Frequency Rate (FR): disability frequency x 1 million work-hours/total work-hours
Disabling Severity Rate (SR): accumulative disabling days × 1 million work-hours/ total work-hours

To ensure “safe transportation” for employees, in addition to promoting transportation safety at planned intervals, CMI voluntarily improves the dangerous spots on the plant site and requests the competent authorities to improve traffic black spots outside the plant site. For example, in July 2010, we applied for changing the flood control road by the Yenshui River into an ordinary one way road to prevent car accidents. We applied for re-planning split way linking up Xinkangshe Avenue and the National Highway No. 8 into one fast lane and one slow lane and designed a safe waiting area. At the intersection of Huaxi Road and Qiye Road, we applied for the traffic control sign and the addition of a motorcycle waiting zone to prevent motorcycles from colliding with cars from the opposite direction when taking a direct left turn.

Emergency Response Planning and Training

CMI has established complete emergency response procedures for various emergencies and accidents for the reference of handling emergencies or accidents. CMI also voluntarily participates in the joint defense team and toxic accident joint defense team organized by the competent authorities, in order to provide emergency response assistance for other members of the team where necessary. At CMI, emergency response planning and exercise are very important. With such, CMI can appropriately adjust the handling procedure, get familiar with the operations of the emergency response equipment and the emergency response procedure etc to enhance its overall emergency response ability and thereby minimize the damage of emergencies and accidents. In 2010, CMI organized 320 emergency response training courses for 14,000 employees and 742 emergency drills. Also, CMI sent 132 employees to participate in 7 firefighting exercises.

Vendor Management

CMI began vendor management and integration in 2010. In addition to referring to the advantages of the management system of individual plant sites before the merger, CMI added two important items, including (1) engineering project risk grading and initiation which is documented in the operating procedures; and (2) penalty risk classification and quantification with total load control methods, in order to help vendors to make improvements in two stages.

To further improve vendor quality management, CMI has included qualified vendors in the Approval Vendor List (AVL) and conducts the periodic rating and audit on qualified vendors, in order to evaluate the ESH performance of vendors. The frequency of periodic rating and vendors to be rated are determined according to the scale, nature, ESH significance and previous rating results of vendors or the special needs of individual departments. The rating is conducted according to the ESH checklist in collaboration with the procurement department and supplier management department. Also, all units should audit their vendor either periodically or non-periodically. The ESH department should conduct the ESH point standard audit. The rating and audit results will be the reference for evaluating the performance of vendor ESH management; and rewards or guidance should be arranged for vendors to make improvements, in order to enforce vendor management.

Health Protection and Promotion

Employee Health Protection

CMI establishes the “I-care” health management information system to control the health risk status of employees; arranges annual health examination and health promotion projects every year; and provides treatment and follows up occupational disease case management based on the annual health examination results. In 2010, a total of 150,000 employees received different kinds of physical examinations, including newcomer physical examination, annual physical examination, special physical examination, gynecological examination for married female employees etc. With the data obtained from health examinations, nursing personnel keep track on high risk groups.  Also, by combining internal and external resources, such as the National Health Promotion Bureau, Institute of Occupational Safety and Health of CLA, local competent authorities and safety & health experts from different universities, CMI implemented various safety & health projects and ergonomics improvement projects for individual occupational safety and occupational health subjects.

Prevention of Occupational Health Risk

Formation of the CMI Ergonomics Team and Counseling Program

In 2009, CMI established the CMI ergonomics team. In 2010, CMI conducted the ergonomics hazard risk assessment in the offices and on labor-intensive operations in the Taiwan and China plant sites in collaboration with the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health of CLA, international ergonomics experts and occupational medicine specialists. In this assessment, 8 ergonomics counseling projects and the risk assessment of 32 process behaviors were completed; and operational and improvement recommendations were made, including (1) conduct research of office employee musculoskeletal disorders; (2) conduct ergonomics hazard risk assessment and improvement for Rende Plant in TNSP; (3) participate in the site worker ergonomics hazard prevention promotion plan 2010 for LCM plant improvement; and (4) conduct ergonomics hazard risk assessment and improvement for the Ningbo Plant Site. The relevant results were presented at the International High Technology Environment, Safety and Health Conference 2010, Occupational Safety and Health Technology and Practice Conference 2010, and the 9th Pan-Pacific Conference on Ergonomics.

Health Promotion

Comprehensive health activities, such as energy and health exercise, quit smoking class, weight losing class, Father's Day 88 health card, occupational disease prevention and various cancer screening tests, were initiated in different plant sites, with ardent support from employees. In 2010, we organized a total of 197 related activities that attracted more than 32,000 employees. In 2010, CMI voluntarily registered to the healthy workplace certification organized by the National Health Promotion Bureau. Both JNSP and TNSP plant sites passed the certification. In TNSP Plant Site, Plant D (Fab 5) won the Health Management Award and Tree Valley Branch (Fab 6) won the Energy and Vigor Award. JNSP won the Health Management Award. We also shared our health promotion achievements at the Outstanding Healthy Workplace Exhibition 2010 held by the Southern Promotion Center of National Health Promotion Bureau. CMI was selected to lead the self-developed health exercise at the venue. With the compliments and expectations from different aspects, CMI will continue its belief to create a happy enterprise and promote health-promoting activities.

“Love and Peace Project” in China Plant Sites

 As the number of young employee increases, when they have problems and have no way to express their emotions, depression and negative behaviors may happen. If the condition persists, this will become a mental problem, and extreme behavior may occur. In the care for employee mental health, CMI has implemented the Love and Peace Project to arrange psychiatrists, counselors and occupational health nurses to provide employees with counseling services and medical treatment, in order to help them overcome depression and stress.

Love and Peace Project:
Prevent abnormal behaviors and care employees
    -Counseling Office: Help employees solve mental health problems and provide psychological profiling service.
    -Care Helpline: 24-hour counseling service and real-time feedback to the patient’s supervisor and professional counselo
    -Mental Health Promotion: Organize mental health promotion activities every month; provide mental health education for newcomers; and arrange psychological anomaly screening.
    -Love Net at the dormitory area.
Detect psychological anomalies or abnormal behaviors
    -Train senior personnel how to detect psychological anomalies and develop a base-level care defense line. 
    -Reinforce counseling and provide just-in-time assistance for employees with potential mental risk.
    -Care for Employee Center: Allows employees to report potential danger through a base-level staff network, in order to provide just-in-time assistance.
Discover psychological anomalies or abnormal behaviors.
   -Establish SOPs for handling psychological anomalies and abnormal behaviors.
   -Provide counseling service for relevant personnel after the incident.

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