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Oct 21, 2011
Recruitment and Employment

CMI has production bases and sales locations distributed in more than a dozen countries across Europe, Asia and America. In addition to the TFT-LCD panel plants in JNSP and TNSP in Taiwan, there are production bases and sales locations in China, the Netherlands, Czech, Japan, Korea and the USA. Therefore, in either technical exchange or as a global supplier of communication, and even expatriation assignments, CMI provides adequate opportunities and broad space for employees to display their talents and potential.  With such, employees can continuously learn and make progress, in order to grow strong in the highly competitive panel industry.

By 2010, CMI had a total of 109,364 employees (including 23,974 employees in the Taiwan base). The CMI labor force is formed with both direct and indirect labors. The former refers to production line workers, commanding at about 70% of the total; and the latter refers to R&D, process equipment, QA, ESH and professional support staff, commanding about 30% of the total.

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Upholding the belief in work equality, CMI makes decisions on employment, rewards, remunerations and promotions regardless of ethnic/racial origin, religion, political affiliation, age, gender and/or marital status. Employment contracts are signed by mutual agreement, no labor rights are offended, and child labor is banned.

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Concern for the Physically Retarded

To enforce the belief in “sharing”, CMI also aggressively employs the physically retarded. In practice, we formed a taskforce and collaborated with TNESA to organize various recruitment sessions and arrange workplace visits for the physically retarded. By the end of 2010, we have employed 205 physically retarded employees.

At present, we have employed an adequate percentage of physically retarded people as specified in the People with Disabilities Rights Protection Act, and we will continue to support and comply with this Act. Moreover, we will follow the motto of CEO Tuan, “We need to score 101 points to surpass the traditional full score complex.” At present, in addition to care for the employment of the physically retarded, we show our concern for the employment of underprivileged groups; particularly for those who are looking for second-time employment and those who have difficulty in finding a job. We also set our target at “Friendly Workplace” to hire more than 1.5% physically retarded employees (i.e. the total number of physically retarded employees must not be less than 1.5% of the total CMI employees)”, in order to show our “sharing” corporate philosophy.

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