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Sep 12, 2011
Environmental Protection

Complete Care for the Environment: To Earth, With L.O.V.E.

CMI's management philosophy is to become the world's top flat panel supplier and a company with a corporate society responsibility vision. In order to meet its comprehensive goals for environmental management, CMI has adopted its “To Earth, With L.O.V.E.” principles for future green development rooted in sustainability, harmony between man and the environment, and symbiotic growth. From fostering green lifestyles among employees, implementing green production, promoting green values within the LCD industry supply chain, and leveraging its influence within the industry, CMI demonstrates its overarching commitment to protecting our planet. In order to make sustainable development a reality, CMI has comprehensively improved environmental quality and maintained a healthy and safe living environment. With , TOSHMS, and certification as the foundation of these improvements, CMI has expended great effort to establish, certify, and carry out environmental safety management systems with the aim of creating a reciprocal growth of sustainable green practices and the culture of safety.

Greenhouse Gases Reduction

CMI has conducted category 1 (direct greenhouse gas emissions) and category 2 (greenhouse gas emissions) greenhouse gas inventories for each fab in accordance with the standards procedures in ISO 14064. We have compiled complete greenhouse gas emission inventory data from 2005 to 2009, and have passed the third party external verification. Owing to the active implement action of greenhouse gas reduction measures and significant results in reduction, we have obtained the acknowledgement of a third party inspection organization as having reduced emissions by more than 8,410,000 tons. In addition, we received "Outstanding Voluntary Industrial Greenhouse Gas Reduction Award" from the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA for three consecutive years (2007-2009).

Energy Conservation Results

Thanks to the support from the company's energy conservation policy, efficient organizational operations have paid off well and saved 288.65 million kWh in 2009, which is equivalent to 179,829 tons reduction in CO2 emissions. Total electricity usage in 2009 was 3.394 billion kWh, the average amount of electricity usage by each square meter was 88.65kwh/m2, the best average electricity usage by plant was 68.39kwh/m2. Our continued attentiveness to energy conservation have earned the government's recognition. We won the Bureau of Energy's "Outstanding Accomplishment—Superior Energy Conservation Awards" for three consecutive years. EPA also honored Fab 6 with “Energy Conservation & CO2 Reduction Certified Factory” .

Water Conservation Results

We implement Source Reduction and optimize utilization of water resources to complies with the spirit of sustainability and concepts of innovation. We are constantly striving to reduce water consumption. The total usage of water amounted to 22 million m3 in 2009; the average amount of water consumption by each square meter was 0.52m3/m2; a better result, 0.23m3/m2, was achieved in terms of a single plant.

FY2009 water usage


Total water consumption (m3)







Waste Recycling Results

We encourage employees to participate in clean production activities via our environmental management system and improvement proposal system. The results are outstanding. In 2009, the rate of plants in Taiwan was as high as 85.8%, and the best recycling rate by plant even achieved 94.5%. The efforts in recycling was recognized by the EPA by bestowing the " Industrial Waste and Renewable Resource Disposal and Resource Reduction, Recycling, and Reuse Superior Performance Award " on us in 2008 and 2009. Our target recycling rate is 90.6% in 2010.

FY2009 solid waste generated


Total weight of solid waste generated (Ton)







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