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Sep 11, 2011
Green Products

CMI takes its corporate social responsibilities extremely seriously, which motivated CMI to announce the  "To Earth, with L.O.V.E." green vision in 2008, and embark on the promotion of sustainability and concern for the Earth. In the area of green operations, CMI is working together with its supply chain to continuously improve environmental protection throughout the stages of R&D, design, manufacturing, and transport at CMI, upstream and downstream partners, and even related industries.

In order to establish a foundation for the realization of green operations, a green industry supply chain, and green design, CMI is vigorously implementing carbon information management, and is disclosing CDP and EICC carbon information, as well as obtaining verification of the greenhouse gas emissions. CMI began to be concerned about product carbon footprint in 2009, and completed the first carbon footprint verification for LCD panel and LCD display in the same year. CMI is thus leading the electronics industry into the age of "product carbon footprint" disclosure.  Besides, in September 2010 CMI passed DNV third-party independent verification for its 18.5-inch LCD flat panel monitor (M185B1-L02), making CMI the first panel maker to receive a supply chain“water footprint”verification statement.

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