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Oct 21, 2011
Green Environment

Green Concept Promotion

All CMI plants are located in science parks or industrial parks. In addition to not engaging in any activity or producing any product bringing an adverse effect and impact on biodiversity, CMI aggressively promotes biodiversity.  For example, the Tree Valley Park, where CMI’s Tree Valley Branch is located, is developed by Linklinear Development Co. Ltd which is an affiliate of CMI on commission of the Tainan County. Right from the beginning of development, the impacts on local communities of park operation activities have been considered.  In addition to passing the Taiwan EPA's environmental assessment in collaboration with the developer, the withdrawal mechanism of the park in the next one hundred years is also considered.  Aiming to seek the co-prosperity of “production”, “ecology” and “living”, only 153 ha of the entire Tree Valley occupying a total area of 247.29 ha is planned for production and relevant uses, while the remaining part of the site is designed for greenery, large parks and a 22-hectare detention pond with ecological landscapes.  Surrounded by 150 ha of ecological conservation area, park greenery and a detention pond, the park is also planted with 100,000 trees to feature the cultural landscape and ecological resources of south Taiwan.

CMI invested a sum of NT$340 million to build the Tree Valley Recreation Center integrating with the natural ecology and environment of the Tree Valley Park. At the Recreation Center occupying an area of about 21,184m2, CMI realized the following features in the ecology protection domain in EEWH (ecology protection, energy conservation, waste minimization and health promotion). These included the plantation of more than 10,000 arbors, shrubs, vegetation plants and aquatic plants, with 43% butterfly- and bird-attracting native plants; and the building of the multi-seamed vertical garden as habitats for living organisms.

Green Concept Promotion

Liyutan Reservoir Ecology Record and Survey Project

Green Environment 1 Waster is the source of life. In addition to concerning energy conservation and carbon minimization issues, CMI launched the Liyutan Reservoir Ecology Record and Survey Project through Innolux Education Foundation in collaboration with Liyutan Reservoir Administration. In 2010, a documentary film was made to present to the locals the ecology in the reservoir area and the beauty of local culture and to educate them on how to protect the environment.  


“Earth in Our Hands: Caring for Huisun” Reforestation Activity

Green Environment 2 In 2009, CMI began participating in the ecological restoration projects launched by National Chung Hsing University in the landslide-damaged Huisun Forest in Nantou County and sponsored Innolux Education Foundation to make documentary film on the restoration. To support the Earth Day, Innolux Education Foundation organized on 24 April 2010 the Earth in Our Hands: Caring for Huisun reforestation activity in collaboration with CMI. On that day, employees and their family, university presidents and MOE officials were invited to join the event that aims at improving the mudflow area of 2.5 hectare by growing a total of 3,500 trees there. Through the activity, CMI hopes to show the public the importance of forestation and to pass down the concept of mudflow prevention. 

Yongheshan Reservoir Upstream Conservation Project

Green Environment 3 In promoting upstream conservation at Yongheshan Reservoir, in addition to providing resources for maintaining the Hengpingbei Trail on the east bank of Nanzhuang Township in Miaoli County by teaming up with Innolux Educational Innolux Educational Foundation, CMI further sponsored the Society of Wilderness to promote the “protection volunteer worker” training in October 2010, hoping to develop local community awareness to protect their hometown by promoting environmental protection and volunteer worker training. 


“Environmental Protection Month”: Mangrove Ecology Guided Tou

Green Environment 4 The ESH, Employee Welfare and General Affairs units of CMI initiated the one-month “Environmental Protection LOHAS” event in November 2010 to organize the Environmental Protection LOHAS activities in a single package. A total of 144 employees and their families participated in the Mangrove Ecology Guided Tour explore mangrove ecology and promote friendship and parent/child interactions at the same time. 



Taiwan Tour of Thomas Friedman

In January 2010, Innolux Education Foundation sponsored Global View Magazine Thomas L. Friedman, the author or Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution—And How It Can Renew America, to visit Taiwan. More than 3000 businesses and young people with high awareness of environmental protection attended. In addition to increasing the international exposure of Taiwan and Taiwanese citizens and strengthening the future development of Taiwan’s green energy industries, the event has awakened the concern for environmental protection of the younger generations.

Environmental Protection Concerts by Matthew Lien

Green Environment 5 In November 2010, CMI invited the global environmental protection musician Matthew Lien to give a concert in Taiwan with classic works on environmental protection. Lien specially selected the works containing local cultural elements, such as the Yi-min Mounds (from the album Traveler), Taiwan Ha-Fun Tien (from the album Traveler), and the emotional Unicorn (from the album Unicorn). With this concert, CMI hopes to make a perfect combination of its passion and concern for environmental protection, Taiwanese culture, and the social weaker groups. This way, it can spread “environmental protection, concern and love” to more people. This concert attracted more than 600 CMI employees and the family members, and locals.

“NPO Youth Republic” Ecology Education Program

In January 2010, Innolux Education Foundation sponsored the “NPO Youth Republic” ecology education program produced by IC Broadcasting Company to extend its contribution to citizen education. By teaming up with domestic NPO ecological groups, youth volunteer workers were recruited across Taiwan to experience real environmental protection work at the relevant ecological conservation communities or units under the supervision of the program hosts and shared their experience and how to engage in the relevant services in the program. In doing so, CMI hopes that the program let young people understand more, identify with and participate in ecology conservation and community empowerment and to find their own way to serve society.

Tracing the River to Its Source

We need to understand more and better about the place we live, Formosa Taiwan, in order to promote environmental protection education. In May 2010, Innolux Education Foundation sponsored PTS to produce the Tracing the River to Its Source documentary series to explore the river and forest ecology of Taiwan and to record the interdependency between people and water. The series has maintained a beautiful record of Taiwan’s ecology and environment and provided students with local teaching materials for environmental protection education, so that they can understand more and better about Taiwan’s geography and cultural environment.

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