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Oct 21, 2011
Green Living

Realization of the value of LOHAS

In order to continuously enforce its green vision, To Earth with LOVE, CMI will promote the SMILE Program to employees for realizing the value of LOHAS and creating a green living space for employees.

Energy-saving and green living workshops

In 2010, CMI organized a series of workshops to disseminate the energy conservation and green living concepts to employees. At the four workshops, 162 employees experienced a new way of living, covering greening the environment anytime and saving energy anywhere. These workshops included a natural air purifier workshop, painting technique advanced class, home decoration workshop, and lighting fixture DIY and saving water skill workshop.

Coastal Cleanup Events

In response to Earth Day 2011 and corporate social responsibility, CMI held coastal cleanup events at Longfeng Fish Harbor, Jhunan and Golden Beach, Tainan in April 2011. The events attracted almost 2,000 colleagues to participate in which hit the record of enterprise coastal cleanup events in terms of number of participants in Taiwan. In total 3.5 km of coast was cleaned. According to the categorization of International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) Activity, more than 32,156 pcs of waste with weight 2,165.5kg were collected in 2 hours.

In May 2009, in the name of Chimei Group, we adopted the maintenance of Jing-zai-jiao beach of Beimen Village, Tainan County; reclamation land of Beimen Village and Shuang-chun beach of Beimen Village, with total coastal line of 5,650 m. Cleanup events are planned other than regular cleanup maintenance. In September 2010, more than 500 colleagues and relatives participated in the joint coastal cleanup event with the EPA of Tainan County. It showed our passion to the environmental protection and to the earth.

On Earth Day 2011, Ningbo site held a mountain cleanup campaign at Jiufeng mountain to collect the artificial garbage. It aimed to encourage colleagues’ devotion to the environmental protection and the nature.

Green Living 1



The event theme packed with the elements of environmental protection, resource recycling and energy conservation attracted 1600 employees and their families. On the event day, the concepts of environmental protection and energy conservation were disseminated to employees through riding and environmental protection games, in order to do our part for the earth.

Green Living 2

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