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Oct 21, 2011
Energy Management

Establishing the Dynamic Energy Conservation Synchronization Platform

CMI has established dedicated energy resource management organizations and designed various energy conservation education and training programs and well-planned reward schemes to encourage employees to voluntarily propose energy conservation solutions. Also, in order to extend energy conservation performance across departments, in addition to establishing a dynamic energy conservation committee in 2009, CMI established in 2010 the Dynamic Energy Conservation Synchronization Platform in Taiwan and the Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction Promotion and Operation Committee in Longhua Plant Site in China to enhance the promotional efficiency of various energy conservation policies. Furthermore, CMI teamed up with professional consulting and technical teams to develop new energy conservation technologies, enhance equipment efficiency, and rationalize energy consumption and supply specifications. CMI also communicates with employees the importance of energy conservation over the CMI internal electronic bulletin board and relevant energy conservation activities.

Energy Conservation Measures for Process and Facility Systems

Rationalization of Supply Specification: For example, the CMI energy conservation team of TNSP Plant Site reviewed and tested the compression dry air (CDA) water content in collaboration with FABs to minimize the CDA energy consumption in the process.

Minimization of Energy Use: Energy use was minimized by implementing machine exhaust reduction, CDA reduction, and clean room fan filtration unit (FFU) reduction; and through recycling, reviewing rational machine use, easing energy use specifications, and establishing the idled equipment energy conservation policies.

Facility System Improvement: For example, we equipped the cold water system of the JNSP Plant Site with fully-automatic inverters and applied the pipe-end pressure difference control to regulate load balance, and replaced the high-energy-consumption electric turbines with gas steam turbines. Also, at Block H3 of Longhua Plant Site, the high-voltage compressor was installed to minimize loss in the intermediate transformer and cables, and regulators were installed on some stamping machines to enhance energy conservation performance. 

Excellent Energy Conservation Performance

With the support of CMI’s energy conservation policies and operations of highly-efficient organization, CMI successfully reduced the electricity consumption for LCD panel production by 10.2% from 86.3 kWh/m2 in 2009 to 77.5 kWh/m2 in 2010, which is a great performance. Power consumption at TNSP Tree Valley Branch (Fab 6) even reduced to 58 kWh/m2.

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