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Oct 21, 2011
Water Resources Management

Establishing the Dynamic Water Conservation Synchronization Platform

Upholding the spirit of sustainable water resources and the concept of continuous innovation and breakthrough, the 5R (reuse, reduction, regeneration, recycling and recovery) were applied to continuously minimize water consumption. In addition to using low-water-consumption process equipment and machines right at the beginning of plant construction, a water resource management team was formed to implement the source minimization projects, plant machine inventories, rationalization of idle shower time, and machine water consumption improvement. Also, in order to extend the energy conservation performance across departments, the Dynamic Water Conservation Synchronization Platform was established in Taiwan in 2010 to further enhance the efficiency of water conservation policies.

Recycling and reuse

Flexible operating mechanisms have been planned at the plant design stage. For example, dual switching drainage pipes were installed on machines to facilitate subsequent water diversion for recycling. Apart from continuously using conventional recycling technologies, we have implemented the high-performance biological treatment recycling technology to enhance water efficiency at all plants. Also the high-efficiency membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology was implemented in 2007 to enhance water recycling efficiency. In 2010, the MBR system at TNSP Plant Site successfully recycled water for a total of 2.40 million tons/year, and the technology has since been extended to other plants.

Water Conservation Performance

Through continuous design optimization and improvement efforts, CMI has successfully reduced the annual LCD panel water consumption from 0.53 tons/m2 in 2009 to 0.46 tons/m2 in 2010, or by 12.5%, which is excellent. Also, the TNSP FAB 5 has the best result at 0.19 tons/m2.

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