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Oct 21, 2011
Energy Management

Concerning product energy management, CMI is interested in two key fields: (1) product energy efficiency enhancement and (2) product energy consumption minimization. Enhancing product energy efficiency is the most cost-efficient and simple way to reduce GHG at the beginning. Energy efficiency enhancement can not only reduce product carbon footprint, but also lower the energy consumption and GHG emissions at the consumer end. In terms of product type, more than 80% of mass-produced TFT-LCD monitors passed Level 1 which is the best level of energy standard of the China Energy Label in 2010. Moreover, the power consumption in off mode of more than 90% of these TFT-LCD monitors is lower than 0.5W, with the lowest ones consumed less than 0.1W.

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In addition to continuously minimizing energy consumption, CMI seeks to make products slimmer and lighter and reduce the carbon emission of products throughout product lifecycle through continuous R&D and technology innovation.

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