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Oct 25, 2011
Materials Management

In material saving design management, product 3R design (reduction, recycling and reuse) and extension of product lifespan and reliability are the two foci. Eyeing the great buffering performance and light weight characteristic of paper-plastic materials, the package design team of CMI's product R&D team has designed new structures to support more loads from stacking and reduce material use and size. The capacity of each carton and cargo container could be enhanced so as to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions during transportation. 

World's Slimmest LED Local Dimming Technology

The 5.5mm ultra-slim local dimming panel technology is the world's slimmest LED local dimming technology and so far the best ultra-slim, high-contrast and energy-saving solution, thus winning the Outstanding Technology Award in 2010. 

The features of the CMI's LED local dimming technology include:

            (1)Module weight is only 6.6 kg, which is half of the weight of conventional CCFL backlight LCM (13.2 kg).

            (2)Average power consumption is 44W, which is only a quarter of the conventional CCFL backlight power consumption (170W).

            (3)Module is only 5.5mm thick, which is only a sixth of the conventional CCFL backlight thickness (35mm).

           (4)Dynamic contrast is more than 1,000,000:1.

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