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Oct 21, 2011
SER Management

Realizing Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) with the Supply Chain(SER)


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Assist the suppliers in improving SER performance

The onsite supplier audit was conducted by Longhua, Nanhai, Ningbo and Nanjing plant sites on 15 suppliers, and a total of 190 nonconformities were detected. In order to effectively assist suppliers in making improvements and in enhancing their performance in SER management, responsible personnel were sent to suppliers to help develop the management mechanism and determine improvement targets, so as to promote the value of the entire supply chain.

In 2011, the SER risk assessment will be conducted on the top two key part and component suppliers in trading volume. Onsite audits will be arranged for suppliers with medium to high risk, aiming to review the SER management of over 90% of suppliers.

Supply Chain Risk Assessment

CMI is committed to developing long-term cooperation with suppliers, promoting local development, reducing supply chain risk and improving the supply chain in collaboration with suppliers through the following activities, in order to ensure their cooperation with the CMI management system.

1. Periodic Assessment: To assess the quality and delivery punctuality of suppliers and to make improvement in collaboration with suppliers.
2. Audit Guidance: To arrange an annual audit program to conduct onsite audit on suppliers to ensure they have enforced the CMI regulations and to assist them in improving the defects detected, if any.
3. Continuous Improvement: To provide suppliers with the resources for making continuous improvement for critical defects requiring long-term improvement, hoping to help them meet the CMI requirements within the target period.

Most CMI production bases are located in Taiwan and China. In 2010, more than 83% of CMI suppliers are located in Taiwan and China. This suggests that CMI promotes local economic development and growth, creates local job opportunities, prospers local development, saves transportation and fuel, and enhances the quality, environmental awareness and capacity of local suppliers by supporting local suppliers.


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