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Dec 21, 2011



Latest News Release

Release Date: Dec 19, 2011

Chimei Innolux and the CHIMEI brand successfully launch world's first carbon-neutral 3D LCD TV, Carbon emissions reduced by 92 kilograms (approx 10%) for every unit produced

Chimei Innolux (CMI) has exhibited recent carbon-reduction accomplishments at the press conference for the “Reducing Carbon Footprint, Towards a Carbon-Neutral Future” implemented by Taiwan's Environmental Protection Administration (EPA), with the successful launch of the world's first carbon-neutral (see note 1) 3D LCD TV by CMI and the CHIMEI brand, garnering the EPA minister's endorsement. The CHIMEI brand 42-inch 3D LED-backlit LCD TV's original 962 kilograms of carbon emissions has been reduced by 92 kilograms to 870 kilograms, lowering its carbon emissions by approximately 10%, which has been officially verified by British Standards Institute (BSI), setting a new milestone in consumer electronics.

As climate changes worldwide, causing more frequent natural disasters and the loss of biodiversity, humanity is facing one of its most serious challenges ever. Laws and regulations related to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions are also becoming increasingly stringent. Thus, CMI and the CHIMEI brand have worked hard to reduce the impact of the greenhouse gases resulting from its operations by focusing heavily on supply chain management. In April of this year (2011) CMI and the CHIMEI brand began a cooperative process to implement and launch a carbon-neutral LCD TV with the aim of taking concrete actions and to further demonstrate the carbon-reduction results and answering the call for greener consumer choices. With consumer support, CMI and the CHIMEI brand hope to encourage more businesses to join in green production and green design, improving the competitiveness of low-carbon products so that CMI and the CHIMEI brand can create economic growth while also protecting the environment.

CMI and the CHIMEI brand are leading the way in responding to the carbon-neutral initiatives and energy conservation and carbon-reduction activities announced by Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) in their Sustainable Energy Policy Plan. The model selected by both parties is the 42-inch 3D LED-backlit LCD TV, which has completed the quantified carbon reduction management plan based on updated PAS 2060 specifications, i.e. carbon emissions are calculated for the entire lifecycle of the product – from extraction and processing of raw materials for components/parts, manufacturing and assembly of modules, assembly and packaging of products, to delivery to the customer, user stage and product end-of-life stage. In the process, panel/system maker CMI aided in completing the product's greenhouse gas inventory, carbon footprint inventory and carbon footprint reduction plan, while the CHIMEI brand realized carbon neutrality of the product. Carbon footprint for the product is expected to continue to be lowered as a result of the active implementation of green design and carbon reduction measures. For unavoidable emissions, carbon offsets are used to ensure no net increase in atmospheric greenhouse gases, ultimately achieving the objective of carbon neutrality.

“With To Earth, With L.O.V.E. as the core theme of its comprehensive green vision, CMI, having taken the lead in product carbon footprint (Note 2) and product water footprint (Note 3) initiatives, is now working hard to address greenhouse gas emissions and related issues. Thus, CMI has taken the opportunity to collaborate with the CHIMEI brand to demonstrate the result of “green value chain” (Note 4) to live up to its corporate social responsibilities and to make solid contributions to conserving energy and reducing carbon emissions. In the future, CMI hopes to continue promoting the green-value industry chain as part of its core business competitiveness and providing customers with a wide range of green services,” said CMI CEO Hsing-Chien Tuan.

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 Carbon neutrality: Refers to achieving net zero emissions of greenhouse gases worldwide through a series of carbon reduction measures for total greenhouse gases directly or indirectly produced by a product, organization or activity within a certain period of time.

Carbon footprint: CMI calculates carbon dioxide emissions during the lifecycle of a unit product starting from raw material extraction and the production stage based on PAS 2050 and ISO 14067-1.

Water footprint: CMI evaluates water-use and wastewater effluent data, and calculates total water consumed in the production process for each unit of product in the supply chain, based on the Water Footprint Manual: State of the Art 2009.

“To Earth, With L.O.V.E.” Green Vision: Caring for the environment through sustainable practices is at the heart of CMI's “To Earth, with L.O.V.E.” philosophy. Green is now the code word in all that CMI does, whether it is green living, operations, value chain, or the pursuit of harmony between the environment and humanity (or L.O.V.E. for short). The key feature of this vision is its holistic view. With an initial focus on providing its employees and partners with high quality, green living opportunities, CMI has also set its sights on implementing green production technology and practices. Leveraging its good fortune and influence as a global corporate citizen, CMI endeavors to care for the Earth by pursuing sustainable development.

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