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Sep 06, 2011
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Release Date: Apr 15, 2011

CMI wins Taiwan Excellence Gold Award for ultra-thin 13.3-inch HD notebook display module

World-leading TFT-LCD maker Chimei Innolux (CMI) has been honored with 2011 Taiwan Excellence Gold Awards, organized by Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA, for its ultra-thin 13.3-inch HD notebook display module, fully demonstrating CMI's capability in TFT-LCD innovation. In addition, CMI's 17.3-inch FHD 3D high-performance notebook LCD panel, 27-inch 3D energy-efficient LCD monitor panel, 30-inch medical LCD panel and 46-inch 240Hz 3D LCD TV panel have also passed stringent tests to be awarded the mark of Taiwan Excellence.

In line with global trends for eco-friendly, ultra-thin displays, CMI turned to an innovative system maker partnership, resulting in the ultra-thin 13.3-inch HD notebook display module. Not only is it ultra-light, ultra-thin and reduces overall material use, it also enables customers to save system assembly time. Weighing only 194g and measuring 2.2mm thick without the top cover, it is still only 3.2mm thick even with the top cover. In comparison with traditional 13.3-inch notebook displays, CMI's ultra-thin module is 40% thinner than the market average of 5.6mm, winning praises from customers.

A total of 974 products competed for the Taiwan Excellence Awards this year, out of which 459 were selected for Taiwan Excellence awards, and amongst them, 30 products were picked for the 2011 Taiwan Excellence Gold Awards. Winning the judges’ favor is recognition of CMI's R&D innovation, design innovation, quality management and marketing innovation, especially since the trendy 13.3-inch HD notebook display module is outstandingly innovative, energy-efficient and material saving. Achievements in technology and design include: assembly module innovation (perfect integration of rear cover structure and panel material saves system assembly time), design module innovation (co-development by system maker and panel maker improves specifications and performance), and collaboration model innovation (tight collaboration between system maker and panel maker).

CMI said it is honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with a major international manufacturer to develop the innovative product, spurring a new model for designing and developing ultra-thin panels. Winning the Taiwan Excellence Gold Awards is tremendous encouragement to CMI people. If this design model could be introduced for all displays in the future, there could be breakthroughs in existing specifications, giving consumers a whole new dimension of ultra-thin, ultra-light displays.

Of the four products that received the mark of Taiwan Excellence, 17.3-inch FHD 3D high-performance notebook LCD panel developed by CMI is chiefly designed with the popularity of Blu-ray DVD and high definition DVD in mind. Being the largest notebook panel with the highest resolution (1920x1080) in the market today, the high-end notebook panel meets image designers’ requirements for high definition images. The panel also features 3D technology, allowing consumers to enjoy the visual experience of 3D movies and games.

The 27-inch 3D energy-efficient LCD monitor panel built with white LED backlighting has been made even thinner at just 15.8mm thick, weighs only 3kg and consumes less power (27W). In addition, CMI's proprietary Flash BLU and Light Peaking technology effectively reduce motion blur, enhance image brightness, and improve the fatigue and discomfort caused by viewing 3D images, which enables display of perfect 3D images. It is the best performing large-size monitor panel in the industry today.

The 30-inch (IPS; 10 megapixel) medical LCD panel features the world's highest resolution (4096x2560), high brightness, high contrast and 10-bit driver for more optimized image quality. Specially designed to show two vertical 5-megapixel images side by side, it allows medical professionals to compare treatment results and obtain accurate diagnosis.

In terms of TV panel, the 46-inch 240Hz 3D LCD TV panel developed by CMI has also won the mark of Taiwan Excellence. Measuring only 10.8mm thick, it is currently the world’s thinnest 46-inch LCD TV module that is feasible for mass production. Furthermore, it features high resolution (FHD, 1920*1080), high transmittance, ultra-narrow bezel and LED backlighting, and conforms to environmental requirements for mercury-free, energy-saving and carbon-reduced products. To improve visual comfort, the panel also uses 8-bit resolution, >72% HTSC color saturation, high contrast (5000:1) and 400-nit brightness to reproduce natural, more realistic images.

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