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Mar 31, 2012



Chimei Innolux is one of the world's four largest suppliers of LCD TV panels, mass producing a full range of products in sizes from 18.5” to 55”, including 18.5” to 26” entry level models, 32" to 47” mainstream models, 55” and larger high-end models, and 56” ultra-high resolution models for specialized applications. .

Chimei Chimei Innolux, apart from providing product configurations in a variety of specifications and sizes, is also committed to energy-saving and environmentally-friendly product design. Chimei Innolux's product design focuses on power savings, lighter weight, smaller material-use footprint, mercury-free light sources, and low magnetic radiation LED backlight modules. Moreover, these features when added to the superior optical characteristics of 1920x1080 ultra-high resolution with 120Hz/240Hz acceleration driver, high contrast ratio, 80% NTSC high color saturation and fast response times, as well as additional 3D imaging technology options, bring the display quality of Chimei Innolux's panel product ever closer to a realistic and natural visual experience. The ultra-thin and lightweight aesthetic design of modules measuring just 10.8mm thick broaden the range of applications beyond home audio-visual viewing including wall-mounted and exhibition displays, thus merging TV panel imaging technology with environmental technology to meet the needs of modern, aesthetic lifestyles and satisfying all consumer visual needs and enjoyment. .

marrow Master Chart of Chimei Innolux's LCD TV Panel Specifications

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All product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Outstanding LCD TV Application Features

Ushering in the era of high definition imagery, Chimei Innolux offers FHD (1920x1080) panels with two million pixels per frame, and the exclusively developed 56-inch QFHD (3840x2160) LCD panel featuring eight million pixels per frame to meet the requirements of special applications.
High Contrast
All of Chimei Innolux's 32-inch and larger panels boast contrast ratios of 3000 to 5000:1, which is outstanding in the industry, and dynamic contrast ratios of tens of thousands to one. LED panels incorporating signal source and backlight modulation technology can reach dynamic contrast ratios of over 1000000:1.
Response Time
The LCD TV screen refresh rate has already been raised from the 60Hz level to the 120Hz level across the full product line and is now the mainstream product specification. A faster response speed is now available with the even faster 240Hz option, which can achieve LCD response times of 4.0ms, which can provide realistic high picture quality and video enjoyment with no motion blur.
Full-angle Viewing
A full 88-degree viewing angle (CR>20); employing Chimei Innolux's exclusive Low Color Shift technology also effectively increases the color presentation quality of wide angle viewing.
Lightweight, Ultra-thin Design for reduced material-use footprint
The ultra lightweight, slim design of all large-size LED models measure as thin as 10.8mm, reducing material use and final product weight by about 30%. In addition to enhancing product visual and aesthetic appeal, material use reduction saves the earth's resources with the aim of caring for the planet.
Environmental and Energy Conservation Features
In line with energy-efficiency and environmental trends, the full-range of Chimei Innolux products, in addition to being RoHS-certified and meeting energy-savings guidelines, also incorporates LED backlight design, environmentally friendly mercury-free light source and low-magnetic radiation design, and is equipped with advanced AGT energy-efficiency technology that can reduce power consumption by as much as 40%-50%.
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