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Sep 12, 2011
Medical Display Panels


Chimei Innolux continues to develop and deliver industry-leading medical display panels with specially designed high resolution, high brightness and high contrast features for the healthcare and biotech markets. Meeting high imaging and safety standards, Chimei Innolux's medical display panels provide precise, real-time medical examination imaging to help doctors make accurate diagnoses. Currently the top global brand for medical display panels, Chimei Innolux has won recognition for its high resolution, high brightness, high contrast medical display panels (with resolutions ranging from 1.3 to 10 megapixels), which along with its complete range of panel sizes and specifications, clearly demonstrates the maturity of Chimei Innolux 's technology for the development of medical display panels.

marrow Master Chart of Chimei Innolux's Medical Display Panel Specifications

All product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Superior special-application panel performance

The ultra-high resolution, 30” Mono medical display panel boasts resolution quality of 4096x2560, helping doctors to make correct diagnoses.
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