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Aug 01, 2010
Monitor Panels



Harnessing its state-of-the-art technology and design know-how, Chimei Innolux provides a full range of slim widescreen desktop monitors featuring energy efficiency, wide viewing angle, high contrast, quick response time and high resolution. In response to growing market demand for more personalized and entertainment-oriented IT products, Chimei Innolux was the first in the industry to roll out 16:9 and 16:10 format widescreen monitors, leading the market for widescreen displays.

marrow Master Chart of Chimei Innolux's Monitor Panel Specifications

All product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Unparalleled Monitor Application Features

Energy Efficient
The 15.6-inch LED-backlight panel is the embodiment of lightweight, stylish design and energy efficiency (saving 40% more power than CCFL), and supporting a wide range of applications, including desktop computers, digital TVs and digital photo frames.
Ultra Thin
The 18.5-inch panel (HD, 1366x768) with LED backlight and ultra lightweight fashionable design is an energy efficient product which is also mercury-free and halogen-free. It is the perfect personal entertainment display for all-in-one computers, touch panels and small-size TVs.
The 21.5” panel, equipped with FHD and featuring a full range of functions, brings users another step closer to meeting their modern lifestyle needs. LED backlighting, already a required feature, is further revolutionizing the new generation of display products and usage concepts, combining usability with advanced commercial functionality to highlight individual style and taste.
The 23.6" panel, with superior quality FHD resolution and advanced LED backlighting, provides the ultimate enjoyment with 3D display functions and touch-control whether for commercial or other entertainment applications.
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