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Mar 31, 2012
Products Overview

LCD Applications to Meet the Demands of a Digital World

With the advent of digital technologies, information and communications technology (ICT) products have brought a new level of convenience and entertainment to everyday living. Because all ICT products display their content through a screen interface, TFT-LCD (Thin-Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display) products have become the display technology of choice thanks to their thin, lightweight, energy-efficient, and low-radiation characteristics.

Chimei Innolux has continuously made new breakthroughs in quality and performance. Our products are leading the industry to higher standards for resolution, contrast, wide viewing angle, energy efficiency, and environmental protection. Boosted by strong information communications technology and digital media trends, Chimei Innolux is now a dominant player in the global TFT-LCD panel market, consistently striving for a higher level of visual enjoyment. Thanks to our successful promotion of LCD panel products in universal applications, we have been able to ramp up to mass production from 1.5” up to  50”-plus panels, including the industrial wide operating temperature panels for each application, and  a great number of worldwide leading wide format displays, a testament to our ability to provide the most complete product line, and our resolution to be at the forefront of the high-definition digital era.

Chimei Innolux's Complete Line of LCD Products

Application Size / Specifications
LCD TV Panels CCFL Panels 18.5"(V185B1),23.6"(V236H1),26"(V260B2),26"(V260H1),31.5"(V315B5),31.5"(V315H3),37"(V370B1),
LED Panels 18.5"(V185B1-LEx),21.6"(V216BG1-LEx),23.6"(V236H1-LEx),26"(V260B3-LEx),26"(V260H1-LEx),31.5"(V315B5-LE3),31.5"(V315H3-LE7),
3D 31.5"(V315H3-LS2-C7),31.5"(V315H3-LS5),39"(V390HK1-LS5),42"(V420H2-LS2),42"(V420H2-LS2-C7),42"(V420HK1-LS5),46"(V460H1-LS2),
Notebook Panels 10.1"WSVGA(N101LGE-L11/L21),
Monitor Panels 15.6"HD(M156BGE-L10),
Small & Medium Size Panel Applications Mobile Phone Application 1.36",1.45",1.79",1.98",2.2",2.36",2.4",
Cell for Mobile Phone 1.45",1.77",2",2",2",2.2",2.2",
DSC Application 2.7",3",3"
CE Application 3.5",4.3",5"DN,5"DH,5"DW,5.6"D,6.5"D,
Automotive & Avionics 3.5",4.3",5",5",5",5.8",6.5",
Medical Display Panels 18.1"(R181E1),18.1"(R181E2),19"(R190E5),19"(R190E6),19.6"(R196U2),20.8"(R208R1),20.8"(R208R3),
Special-application Panels 7"(G070Y2-L01),7"(G070Y2-T02),7"(G070Y3-T01),8"(G080Y1-T01),10.4"(G104V1-T01),10.4"(G104V1-T03),10.4"(G104X1-L01),
12.1"(G121X1-L04),13.3"(G133I1-L02),14.1"(G141I1-L01),15"(G150X1-L03),15.4"(G154I1-L01),15.4"(G154I1-LE1),Valued Business Partners,

Exceptional Product Features

Panel sizes
We currently produce LCD panels from as small as 1.5-inch for mobile phone displays, to as large as 56-inch for super-size home theater systems. Add to this our high-resolution panels and Chimei Innolux has the market completely covered.
High Resolution
Chimei Innolux has produced the global market's highest resolution (3840x2160) 56" LCD TV panel. All of our LCD displays at or greater than 37 inches boast ultra high resolution of 1920x1080. No matter if it's DVD or HDTV signal, our LCD panels produce the sharpest, most detailed images.
All Chimei Innolux panels meet or exceed market standards for brightness; large-size panels go as high 600nits.
High Contrast
All Chimei Innolux panels have the high contrast ratio. Large-size monitor panels can achieve a contrast of 4000:1 DCR, allowing for a sharper, cleaner image.
Color Saturation
Chimei Innolux began implementing technology in CCFL backlights to attain 105% NTSC. In 2002 we became the first to volume produce 75% NTSC LCD panels – the highest NTSC on the market. Now some LED backlight panels even can achieve over 100% NTSC.
Response Time
When it comes to displaying dynamic images, Chimei Innolux 's in-house technology is well ahead of the pack, achieving a quick response time of 6.5ms, setting new records for speed and agility.
Super-wide Viewing Angle
Chimei Innolux has strengthened the effect of the wide-angle light source to allow for an exceptionally wide viewing angle of 88 degrees or more (CR>20), offering greater possibilities and a seemingly limitless field of view.
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