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Sep 13, 2011


AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) displays possess excellent optical performance, such as contrast, viewing angle, color saturation and response time.

Since OLED displays are self-luminous - they glow when an electrical field is applied to the electrodes coated on a glass or polymer substrate - they do not require backlight and diffusers.  Therefore, AMOLED is suitable for highly efficient, lightweight and potentially less expensive displays.

Chimei Innolux sees great potential in growth of the technology based upon our strong LTPS technological foundation. The main market for AMOLED (Active Matrix OLED) displays will most likely be in high-end mobile phone and smart phone sectors.  With high quality LTPS TFT backplane, CIC has already developed an OLED line, successfully demonstrated AMOLED displays, and is now gearing up for mass production of this new generation display technology targeting smart phone applications.

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